With a world living the uncertainty and future insecurity, some people see it as a life full of opportunities; others could argue the high risk potentials. In Arab Union International Insurance Co. (AUII) we are the dynamic forces to insure the balance between both parties helping them to provide certainty and risk management while moving forward to turn the Lemon into Lemonade.

We like to see ourselves as angels who help our clients to keep going when they face the unexpected obstacles or the Force majors’ incidents. We are prepared to carry our clients and keep them flying.

Wise management always calculate their future risk and search for insurance means to rely on incase of future needs, they depends on our dynamic insurance services and resources to keep dreaming and execute their dreams safely while we monitor their success and stay alert for their call of help.

Our forces are their back up plans. We provide confidents to our clients by insuring their risk and take the steps forward to hold them and safeguard them in case of unfortunate incident.

Our variety of insurance services includes; Health and Medical Insurance, Cars Insurance, Marin Shipping, Travel insurance, Aircraft and Aviation Insurance, fire and General insurance .

We provide solutions to our clients’ needs and make sure to support them properly when required.

Training our employees to be our clients advisers and guide them to a lower risk zone was a mission of our management as Preventive actions is a necessity in our life but we also train them to serve our clients provide safe handhold with the angels smiles and knowledge. We also write to our shareholders and our clients at the same page. They are both our partners who place their confidence on our wise management to provide them with keys to success.

With a history of soundness and growth our company maintained the Jordanian insurance Market with a leader indicators and worked faithfully with the international insurance market key players to insure the business quality and growth while keeping the speed dynamically controlled to match with the market movements. We lead with our knowledge and prepared to deal with the peaks and valleys.


Salem Alkhazaleh


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