To cover your Property whether personal, commercial, or industrial from a wide range of risks as well as loss of profit following an insured peril.

  • Fire and Allied Perils
    • Fire and Lightening Insurance:
      Covering material damage to insured property resulting from a fire. 

      Extended Cover ages
      You can extend the coverage of your fire policy to include the following coverage:
      -Storm, tempest and flood
      -Water damage due to bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes
      -Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions (SRCC)
      -Malicious damage following SRCC
      -Impact damage from third-party vehicles
      -Standard explosion
      -Business Interruption (LOP) - coverage pays for loss of net profit and fixed expenses
      -Burglary Insurance - covering loss of insured property following theft by forcible entry-Exist 

      Householder's Policy:
      This policy is one of the most popular forms of insurance today. It protects your house building and contents from unpredictable events. In addition to the perils covered by fire insurance this policy covers the household goods and personal items as well.

      Benefits of Homeowners Insurance:
      -Necessary repairs - pays for temporary repairs to prevent further damage after a loss
      -Removal of debris - covers the property for any direct loss because it is endangered by a covered peril (optional)
      -Liability toward neighbor 

      Property All-Risk Policy:
      This policy is suitable for large, commercial and industrial risks, it provides you with a broader coverage than fire insurance and allied perils, and it covers accidental loss or damage to your insured property. The scope of coverage is limited by a set of exclusions. Some of the important exclusions are:
      -Contamination, pollution, wear and tear, corrosion
      -Mechanical breakdown
      -Defective design as the deterioration of property due to change in temperature or humidity, or inadequate cooling or heating system
      -Property in course of construction or manufacturing.

      This coverage can be extended to include loss of income following an interruption of business activity due to damage of property by a peril not specifically excluded under the policy.

  • Bankers Blanket Bond
    • package policy which includes a multi perils protection designed speciallyfor banking operations
  • Fidelity Guarantee
    • It covers loss due to fraudulent or dishonest acts of the insured employees, with the intent to make improper personal gain, whether committed alone or in connection with others
    • .
  • Money Insurance
    • Cash in safe:
      Covers money while in the insured safe.
    • Cash in transit:
      Covers the risk of loss of money by robbery and/or theft cause while in transit between places pre-defined
  • Plate Glass
    • Cover fixed plate glass sheets of building against break off due to an accident.
  • Professional Indemnity
    • We provide professional insurance for accountants, architects, engineers, Doctor, Lawyers and other professionals against error, omission claims that they may encounter while offering their services to the public. 
  • Public Liability
    • Public Liability Policies provide coverage in respect of the legal liability of the insured against accidental bodily injury to members of the public, and/ or accidental damage to their properties.
  • Workman’s Compensations
    • It protects your employees against death or disability during the course of their employment at insured services as per labor law.
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